4 comments on “Welcome – Bem-Vindo

  1. I left Brazil for London barely speaking a word of English (well, I could sing along all Beatles songs, but I suppose this doesn’t count when you’re trying to get a job in London). All I can say is: you’ll be fine. The English have an amazing potential to adapt and learn that they sometimes forget or deny. Sao Paulo is a great place and the weather will soon be pretty much like in Britain, completely unpredictable. Only hotter.

    • Good to hear from someone who was in a similar situation (although the other way around!). It’s good to get some reassurance especially so early on. Thanks for reading!

  2. Welcome! Just found your blog today. I’ve been back and forth to Brazil for the past four years, and moved here almost full time 18 months ago (from the US). Really looking forward to reading more about your new life here!

    Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve added you to my list of Brazilian expat blogs on my site here:

    • Hey that’s great. Thanks for adding me and glad you enjoyed it! Will so the same for yours!

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