8 comments on “Things that remind me I am British: 2) What to do when you find a bird of prey in your bedroom?

  1. May be I should just watch the Amazon on tv!!
    Will always shut windows when i venture to S America then!
    Great stories from Sao Paolo !

  2. Are vultures considered birds of prey? I thought they only ate carrion. Makes you wonder what attracted the bird to the flat in the first place. In any case, I’d be more concerned with foxes. We have a few always running through our garden and even sleeping during the day on the roof of a neighbor’s shed.

    • Wikipedia says so, so it must be true! 😉

      Foxes in London are getting a bit too confident for my liking. And there are so bloody many of them!!

      • Agreed, everything I learn these days is from Wikipedia. 🙂

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