5 comments on “Lesson No. 4: Ciudad del Este – Everything’s Relative

  1. Adorable report, again, I am getting addicted to your blog. But I am sooo sorry for you both. I had the (real, intense) pleasure of travelling to the same region in Jan. 2012 and our trip was amazing, even the India-like experience of shopping in Paraguay. Itaipu Brazilian side of the power plant has extremely professional guided tours, we took one to the inside (the heart of the plant, with its huge equipments) of the place and outside of the dam, with explanations in Portuguese and English. They also offer a thrilling night tour, with a show of the lights being gradually turned on, accompannied by an epic soundtrack. Excellent buses for all tours, air conditioning, fresh mineral water for free, You buy tickets at the entrance of the Brazilain side of Itaipu.
    An interesting aspect of Ciudad del Este, to which we preferred to have a Brazilian taxi driver as our local guide (this made everything easier and faster), was entering the elevator which would take us to Galeria Americanas, a shopping Center downtown, There was a sign on the wall of the elevator in Spanish telling people NOT to PEE there, at the risk of being charged a fine of I dunno how many guaranis…
    I hope you have visited Parque dos Pássaros, a wonderful reserve.

    • Our tour was just a little coach drive around the site though we stopped at a viewing point where I could take some photos. Perhaps we should have done it from the Brazilian side! I saw some photos of it lit up and it looked pretty impressive.

      Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do too much else other than what I mentioned as we only had 3 days there. That’s what was so frustrating about the Argentinian side because although I had been there before my wife hadn’t and I remember how amazing the views are. Never mind, we’ll have to go back again one day!

      PS. Glad the blog is still amusing you. I think I’m getting the hang of it now!

  2. Haha, I’ve lived in Ciudad del Este for 2 years and I love it so much! It’s such a great place to live when you get used to it.

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