9 comments on “Watch My Brazilian TV Debut

  1. You were bricking it when he came to you Andy! Not the most interesting bit of video I’ve ever seen, prob even if I was speaking Portuguese – he seems to be just listing countries!

  2. God, it makes me sick to see so many foreigners like you and the other students of the FAAP in the Altas Horas, invading Sao Paulo and taking our money and run. Go to Buenos Aires and dance some tango instead, Ronald Biggs Jr. You do look like him, you know. Oh, wait, i think that maybe you do robbed some bank in one of the Shires, Hams or Pools of your WASP-ass country, and came here to hide from the Scotland Yard. Am i right?

  3. And Seu Jorge gave a recent interview talking about the racism that he suffered when he filmed The Life Aquatic in Italy. I think it was very nice from him to sing with that girl. He, as well as all of we brazilians, never judge or think of ourselves as superior then anyone. Lesson Number 1 for you, who seems to be so eager to write about the “lessons” you learn in here.

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