14 comments on “The only Palmeiras AND Corinthians supporter in Brazil

  1. Ah yes, I remember being dragged around some of those random football stadiums!….I liked it really 🙂

  2. As Sao Paulo fan, I would tell you to resolve this issue supporting the tricolor (without favor any of your relatives). However I will not do this, since after the blessed 2005-2008 seasons the team did not win anything – but you can always think in Neymad and Santos =)

    PS: we have a promotion on our blog where the winner can win a tour of the Morumbi Stadium, I think you as a football fan would enjoy the ride. The link is on my comment

    • I actually tried to go to the Paulistão game between São Paulo and Portuguesa but when I arrived there were massive queues even 30 minutes after kickoff so we left and didn’t bother. Very frustrating but none of the fans outside the ground seemed to be bothered that they were missing the game. And the attendance was only about 25,000!!

      I can’t see the link. Can you post it again?

  3. Don’t listen to the são-paulino bambi, Andy. They are desperate, because Morumbi Stadium is always empty and Sao Paulo’s games never make any impact when they are showed on television. They are the Nothingam Forest of Brazil, and they can”t get any revenue money to pay for Luis Fabiano. Palmeiras and Corinthians is a 100 years-old rivalry, which confudes itself with the city’s formation history, the italian immigrants and the industrial workers of the first half of the twentieth century who built the state. And i hope you enjoy it while you are here in Sao Paulo.

  4. And the bound between the Corinthians Casuals and my beloved Corinthians Paulista are being restaured with the internet era. The guy who runs the oficial Casuals Facebook page are always in contact with Corinthians fans, and he even put a Socrates picture in the front page when he died last year.

    • Cool, my PE teacher went on a tour of Brasil in the late 90s with the Casuals and got to play a game against a Corinthians XI. He said they were treated like royalty. What an experience!

      My next post is going to be about the other teams in SP and how I considered trying to follow one of them to avoid this conundrum that I’ve found myself in. Keep an eye out for it!

  5. Love the post, Andy! I admit you’re in quite a conundrum, but there’s no way I can endorse a two-team system in futebol or any other sport for that matter. Sports bigamy is not allowed, no exceptions. Especially with two hated rivals like Palmeiras and Corinthians. It goes against every principle of sports fandom. I’ve got it narrowed down to Palmeiras, Corinthians and Santos at the moment, with two games left to attend (Santos/Palmeiras), but I guarantee I won’t choose two. Pick a side and don’t look back. That’s my advice.

    • I guess my problem is that I’ve only ever had one true love (Gillingham) throughout my whole life so I’m finding it quite difficult to adopt another. Though I think that in Juventus (see my latest post) I may have found something a bit similar. I think I’m just gonna be happy to keep going to as many games as possible whilst I’m here then review the situation in a few months!

      • Not a bad strategy at all, you should tag along with us on our next tour if only to watch with. Two undecided fans breaking down the contenders. Let’s make it happen. I’ll check out the Juventus post next 🙂

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