5 comments on “Juventus (not that one) & other less important teams in São Paulo

  1. Juventus was famously a pain in the ass for Corinthians in the old days (until the eighties, when the club lost associates and skip Paulistão’s first division), the so-called “asa negra” (black wing). They were famous for playing the italian catenaccio to the extremes, and always taked away points from Corinthians in Pacaembu. My father and the old-school corintianos hated Juventus as much as Pelé. That animosity didn’t happened with Palmeiras, as the clubs were bond by the Italian heritage they share.I hope that the owners resist the offers to sell the Rua Javari’s ground, as Mooca has became a much sought place for real state developments, and Juventus is such a hallmark for the neighborhood.

    • They have to resist selling that ground at all costs because it’s a fantastic little place to go to. With the tradition they have there do you think that they would even consider that? Would be interesting to see how the fans would react!

  2. I love the fact the title is ‘…other less important teams in Sao Paulo’ and you start with SPFC hahaha =)

  3. Support teams like Santos, Sao Paulo, Corinthians, Palmeiras is too easy, too BLEH, too not important. And Portuguesa’s supporters are sooo dumb, quiet and hateful. They don’t support, only protest against the own team. So, i think Juventus is surely the best option. Is the tradition of the district with a little bit of a crazy and painful feeling. Juventus is like the RESISTENCE against the marketsoccer, or Neymarketing soccer. So, congrats for the post, and you’re always welcome in the temple of Javari.

    PS. The Pelé’s statue is the horror. Someone enter in your house, fucks your wife…so u go there and make a statue for the guy. Don’t matter who’s the guy, that’s not right. Agree?

    • I agree 100%. I bought a Juventus shirt the last time I went (against São Bernando) and hopefully I’ll get to the game against Palmeiras this Saturday. I usually go with a friend who is Scottish so if you see two very pale looking gringos standing behind the goal with all the fans come and say hello!

      As for the Pelé statue, I hadn’t thought about it like that, but now you mention it, it is a little odd to have a statue of a player from another team at your stadium.

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