15 comments on “Is it just me or has no-one noticed that the Brasileiro has started?

  1. You nailed to the head. There’s not much I can add other to the fact that – believe me – the Brasileirão will eventually gain momentum. Also, I’m one of many that think the “mata-mata” system fits much better than the “pontos corridos” system here in Brazil though that’s not really the subject here.

      • Well, mata-mata is basically an american play-off system. The 20 clubs play only a “turno” (19 games) and the 8 best teams go on to the play-offs. It was very popular in Brazil during de 80/90’s and generated many upsets, like Robinho’s Santos in 2002, who were the #8 seed.
        Pontos corridos is the european system. 38 games and the one with most points wins the league. Though it’s way more “fair”, I find it less exciting. Yet, it’s all very debatable and the system itself is not really the reason the Brasileirão fails to gather a larger attendance and interest.

      • Thanks everyone for their comments re: mata-mata & pontos corridos. Personally, I prefer the latter mainly because I think the team that proves themselves over a whole season should be the one that is crowned champion. Seems a little unfair if a team that finished 10 points behind then wins the championship….but perhaps that’s just my european mindset!

      • mata mata = playoff
        pontos corridos = round-robin system (like premier league)

        Our stadiums are bad, and our people are not yet accustomed to the league system. in the final the public increases.

        In tournaments like Copa Libertadores (Latin American version for UCL), for example is very difficult to get a ticket to see the Corinthians play because the stadium has only 37,000 seats.

      • Hi Andy, to help you, “mata-mata” is like playoffs, the same system of Carling Cup, and “pontos corridos” is the same system of Premier League: every team fight against the others twice and the team with more points at the end is the champion. 🙂

  2. Hey Andy, i saw your interview at the Expats site, and i found your site and twitter. Let me say that i think CBF should do what the great FA does in England: use whores and bribes to get what they want, put the ticket prices up in the sky to keep the Hooligans away from the stadiums and keep pretending they never existed (Heysel and Hillsborough, two words i never see you use, Andy) and let criminal petrobilionaires take care of their teams, like Chelsea and Man City showed us.. I know that this modus operandi custed you brits the 2018 World Cup, taked away from you guys by that ThIrd-World lover named FIFA, but, hey, man, fun is the main goal here, right? It’s all about the pose. If you are the main association from a two thousand years-old Empire, you can do anything you want, and be applauded by youg tools like you; but if you are a association from a third world shithole (as Brazil is lovely known in the Old Continent), then you are under constant survellaince, and anything you do is wrong and corrupt. And i see your twitter, and you never mentioned any of the violent and racist events that are taking place in Ucraine and Poland during the Euro, and at the same time you twit any news that criticize the 2014 World Cup organization, and with a martial frequency. Europeans take care of each other, right? And at last, let me return to the double H’s matter, and say to you that in the eighties Brazilian stadiums were always packed, and we never had any tragic event like Heysel (where Liverpooll fans showed the Belgians how to start a party!) and Hillsborough (men, look at the words again!) happening. But WE are the animals, not you.

    • Hi Luis, thanks for your comment.

      Firstly the FA in the UK has no control over ticket prices, it’s driven by market forces. Also, this is not the only reason why hooligans don’t cause problems anymore. Policing and legislation to tackle the problem have improved vastly to ensure that stuff like Heysel never happens again (it was over 20 years ago by the way). Secondly, I, like many Englishmen would be, am offended if you are implying Hillsborough was an act of hooliganism. The reason stadia is improved is because of that very tragedy.

      You accuse the FA of being full of crooks but they’re obviously not very good ones if we didn’t get the World Cup, right? I really think you need to do some more reading about the CBF my friend.

      As for Chelsea and Man City I agree, but I’m not here to write about English football because I live in Brazil. Most of the people who read this blog are likely to live in the UK so they have no need for me to tell them about what they already know. They are more interested in what’s happening here because the coverage there is not very good or extensive.

      I’ve never described Brazilians as animals and never would. Look, I understand if you are defensive about your country and that’s fair enough but if you just want to ignore what’s going on here then that’s fine. If you’re happy with what I described (and you don’t seem to dispute what I said) then that’s also fine because nothing will ever change.

  3. Still catching up on your posts Andy, love this one as well. The 10pm start times floored me when I first arrived last year. How does anyone attend these games? Can’t agree more on the timing of the seasons either. Fans need that break to forgive and forget. Not sure what the fix would be, but watching B squads almost mid-way through the season is sad.

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