15 comments on “Buenos Aires: Mullets, The Malvinas and David Cameron’s dark secret…

  1. I might go and write some graffiti about the Falklands round London now. I always thought Cameron looked a bit like a cat.

  2. We all know Kirchner doesn’t really care about the islands (apart from the oil, maybe) or she would make an effort to improve the Argentinian economy. If Argentina were economically relevant like China (a tall order, I realize), the UK would be rushing to appease them and give the Falklands back like it did with Hong Kong.

    Interesting sidenote: have you noticed how every news story in the UK about the Falklands has to point out that Argentina calls it “Las Malvinas”? Can you imagine every article on Japan going ” Japan, or as the Japanese say ‘日本'”? 🙂

    • To be fair, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I’d much rather a media that tries to take a fairly even handedness approach than one that is completely one-sided. This isn’t the case in Argentina.

      • You are right about fair media and all that. I just find it funny that UK journalists feel a need to clarify that a different country (Argentina) speaking a different language (Spanish) has a different name for the Falklands. It sounds obvious to me but maybe it isn’t.

      • You’re right, ordinarily it wouldn’t be mentioned. I guess it’s just the significance of the fact that it’s disputed that means they do so.

    • I expect notnhig constructive from this administration but still, even this fool should remember that the UK fought a war not so long ago to keep them, with the inhabitants full support. And probably will have to again if we don’t straighten up our act.

  3. That’s the British Empire in a nutshell for you. But keep talking about Sao Paulo’s buses, that’s the thing.

    • Perhaps you should write a blog about private enterprise in the the UK. You seem to be very well informed about the situation.

      Nevertheless, what has that got to do with my post about Argentina?

      And the British Empire? Or monkeys?

  4. Andy, interesting observations about BA. When I first went xmas of 2002 my wife’s family and friends got offended when I asked why the bad mullet Claudio Canniggia style was still in fashion. I personally blame Gabriel Batistuta for reviving it amongst fooballers and the rest of the male pop. Pasarella ordered short back and sides for France ’98 but it still made a come back!

    As for gato/gata I had arranged to meet my wife’s sister’s boyfriend Marcelo at a cool bar where his band were playing soul and spent 30mins chatting to a sexy elegant MILF whose English was ten times better than my limited Spanish. I was flattered but glad to have some conversation in English. I was about to buy a round when he rescued me. It refers more to MILFs so in that case that would make Cameron a FILF!

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