19 comments on “The Olympics: Not good for homesickness

  1. That makes sense about the Brasilian Team – i saw loads of them after my stat visit to a certain road near crystal palace – that was on the day it started aswell! xx j

    • The Brazilian cafe in CP must be doing a fine trade too, imagine when they found out that they whole Brazilian team was going to based there!

  2. I’ve been back in the UK as my visa was refused to go back to Brazil, and I must admit the Olympics has really cushioned the blow. Funnily enough, I have also worked in Leatherhead, lived in Crystal Palace and grew up near Richmond! The thing to remember is that once all this fun has died down, we’ll be back living in eternal greyness while you have the Brazilian way of life at your disposal. Maybe head to the next one – it’s in Rio after all!

    • How come it was refused?

      Wow, what a small world! You weren’t working for the council in Leatherhead were you? I worked for Surrey and was based at Fairmount House at the top of the hill.

      Yo be honest, I think I’ll be more bothered about the World Cup in 2014. If the Olympics had been anywhere else I would have watched them as usual. It’s just the fact that they were on my doorstep and I’m so far away!

  3. I’m currently based in South Africa and applied to be a volunteer at the Olympics, unfortunatley my application is still under review. At first I was going to boycott the games, having been in the UK in June and heard nothing but negative media stories, I didn’t enjoy the opening ceremony but have throughly enjoyed the games and supported both Team GB and RSA.
    If the organisers of the game had had the decency to tell me I hadn’t been sucessful as a volunteer I would have booked a flight back home and tickets back in May, the original deadline for volunteering, but I hung on.
    I’m glad the games have gone well and I suspect that when the medals are over the Media will go back to picking faults with the home nation and I’ll be glad I missed out.

    • That’s a shame about your application. I’ve read some accounts from the Guardian about volunteers and although it’s sounded like hardwork also very rewarding. Perhaps you should apply for Rio in 2016, I think they’re going to need all the help they can get 😉

      • i’m up for Rio 2016. Will you still be there then? I must add I did go to Barcelona 92 and in my opinion they were the greatest games ever….lol

      • We’ll definitely be in Brazil for the World Cup in 2014. We’ll see about Rio, it’s a long way off yet (and I think my wife is keener to move back to the UK than I am haha).

        Barcelona was the first games that I remember properly. Linford Christie, Sally Gunnell et al. Feels like a long time ago now!

      • typically we arrived in Joburg 6 months after the world cup and appeared to have missed the England Cricket team tour also, hubby and kids were at the England Rugby game here and I had to fly to the UK so missed it. I also missed out on the Champion League final in 2011, May,
        as we couldn’t afford for me to go back…I’m doomed, I tell you

  4. I’m feeling your pain, Andy. Great post. Really summed up how I’ve been feeling. I was the same initially – unconcerned, almost blase about it all – then, as the Games started to progress, I thought “damn, I should be over there”. Of course, by then it’s too late. I’m just happy GB represented itself so well and showed me a side that I’d forgotten about (or been convinced by others no longer existed). Cheers.

    • Cheers Russell. In a way I’m kind of glad it’s over now. Whilst I loved every second, it’s been very hard to watch from this far away. It helps knowing there are others who feel the same way!

  5. I’m fouding very curious your silence on the whole Wikileaks-Equator-British-Goverment debacle, Andy Martin. i laugh very hard when the president of Equator said today that they’re not a British Colony, tolding David Cameron and his Scotland Yard goons to fuck off. I think that England is, after all, the REAL Mordor, right? For thousands of years, i must say. But you remain very quiet, as a loyal Queen’s servent that you and all of your decadent people are.

  6. I was working on a local paper in Leatherhead, my first journalism job. Seems that the chap above just wants to say something racist, he’s picked you because you’re English.

  7. Honestly…it really wasn’t all that. The Paralympics have been a real strain on transport which seems to have been ignored, showing up how poor things are designed for lots of prams/wheelchairs.

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