4 comments on “Time for Neymar to venture into the big bad wide world.

  1. 1: didn’t see that genious playing against Palmeiras. Of course I am a Palmeiras supporter, but what he did was only the beautiful first goal, because the second one was more a gift the Palmeiras’ goal-keeper gave him!
    2: proof of that is Santos loosing a 3×1 against Bahia in Santos stadium! This the game after they bet Palmeiras. So Neymar does not have this power to make Santos win alone.
    3: agree he must go overseas exactly to face this reality.

    • Hi Marcelo

      I think the second goal was better than he was given credit for. Even from where I was in the stadium (without having seen a replay) it felt as though he knew exactly where he was putting the ball no matter how hard he hit it. Bruno perhaps may have done better I guess it was just the last place he expected the ball to be travelling to. And it was right in the very far corner!

      Yes, sure that Bahia game ruins my argument a little, but hey, he can’t win every game right? Also, that was his sixth game in nineteen days (in four countries). I think the lad probably just needs a rest.

      Cheers for reading and commenting!

  2. When i see Neymar playing, acting, partying, dancing, singing, or any other activity that he must be doing at any giving moment, it’s hard not to picture in my mind the image of another Maracanazzo in 2014. He’s our only hope for a hypothetical win, and that’s just plain sad. He’s a softy, weak-minded shade of a men, a arrogant and spoiled little brat. Technically he’s very good, has notions of passing and playmaking way more sofisticated then the avarage forward, and it’s an excelent scorer. But his speed it’s not at par with that of players like Messi, Cronaldo and Rooney. His sprint is not that great, and that’s the reason for his famous falls and simulations: he is not fast enough to give himself advantage over better defenders. This can be improved, of course, but i think that he don’t stand a chance of sucess in Europe, he will be another Robinho, a player of similar characteristics, background and mindset, and who failed miserably in the old continent, besides talking and acting like he was the reincarnation of Pelé. If i were Mano Menezes, i would kick aside the lobby and start to think about a Brazilian team with him on the bench. But that’s impossible, he will be the star of the company, and will be a green-and-yellow Titanic in Rio.

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