20 comments on “In defence of São Paulo: It’s just a bit like Hull.

      • Tandoor is an Indian restaurant, isn´t it? I just love the food in that place and highly recommend it (although the service could be better).

      • Tandoor has the best Indian food I ever had, although the service could be better IMHO.

  1. Community is important in São Paulo and I find that with my neighbours. In London I knew many people in my neighbourhood, but mainly because I was running a lot of parties at the local pub… here in SP I can’t walk down the street I live in without people saying hello – and usually it will be several people in the first 100 metres or so – a big difference and going against the convention of cities full of strangers.

    • It makes such a difference. People visiting me in Hull were shocked when people used to say ‘Morning’ when you passed them in the street. That stopped in London a long time ago.

  2. I’m a Paulistano that just discovered your blog, and as you said, the tremendously rich culture of this city is what amazes me the most.

    I wouldn’t move to any other south american city, and not even to most europeans, north americans nor asians cities. São Paulo’s hugeness have already made me it’s victim and I can’t fathom -not- having something in a city. Like you said, I can do almost anything here – at a price.

    And, as a fellow Sociology graduate, I don’t know if you have visited USP – University of São Paulo (as I said, just reached your blog :P), located in Butantã, but there is always something to do there, and most times it is also free!

    From the top of my head I know we have a theater for underground and national movies, and it’s cheap. Regularly the OSUSP (Orquestra Sinfônica da USP) performs at the Sala São Paulo (a magnificent train station turned into a theater with adjustable ceiling to get the perfect acoustic for the pieces). Students are always organizing activities related to their areas. The astronomy graduates organized a “look at the sky” event a while ago.

    As for sociology, in the humanities area we have lectures from lots of different people. The last one I saw was a course in Shakespearean pieces, although I know this week we are all booked for lectures (that I didn’t went to check the schedules).

    But really, it is awesome there.

    • Thanks for reading and for the tips. My wife studies at USP though I haven’t really been yet but I guess I really should – although I think I’d really need to improve my Portuguese before it is worthwhile me going to a lecture!

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