15 comments on “São Paulo to become the Paris of South America. Apparently.

  1. I have entered it and I have drunk from it…In Year 7 I visited its source…it stays clean for most of its length until it reaches the capital…I hope I won’t die before I can see it cleaned…but Mr. Governor cannot clean Tietê and forget Pinheiros which is in a worse state like you said…Tietê is mainly 50 shades of brown whereas Pinheiros is one big shade of black! If you’re interested, maybe we can go to the Parque Ecológico Tietê where they have a museum…But yeah, tourist boats is a bit of a push…I still think there should be boats though, but as a means of transportation rather than an option for a nice day out…we’ll see!

      • It depends on what part of the river we’re talking about. Tiete is a perfectly fine and clean river for most of its extension. It’s mainly the bit in the capital that’s a mess. Even downstream nature seems to take care of itself because the river cleans up, I’m not sure how.

  2. I didn’t look at the main news article but there’s nothing wrong with the Tweet itself. They are just reporting what the governor said for the public record so that, in three years time, they can call him out for having made a promise he can never deliver.

  3. Alckmin launched a program do clean Pinheiros and TIetê on the first year of his term as governor. 8 years later, 1 billion dollars already spent, and the rivers are in a worst shape then ever. Fantastic. But that’s the beauty about the god damn Tucanos: they love to embarrass us paulistanos to the rest of the country, and, as of you, the World.

  4. The smell in the Vila Olimpia station is actually worse than the others, because there is a factory lift (built to change the course of the river and help prevent flooding). From what I understand, there stinks because there’s no flow to take that huge pile of shit to another place soon

    This documentary tells more about the story of the big rivers in São Paulo and try to explain why the city stops when it rains: http://vimeo.com/14770270 =)

    • I agree with you Eric about Pinheiros. In my oppinion, it seems to be the worse in terms of smell…
      And perhaps somebody can explain me why people spend millions of Reais to live in front of the river and they can’t leave their windows opened ???? Why ??? I’ll nerver understand …

  5. I live in Salto, a city some 80km down the river. Although inappropriate to drink, it is possible to fish there. The biggest problem is undoubtedly the soapsuds from some factories, but we just learn how to live with it.

    Tietê em Salto, same water that just washed São Paulo:

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