12 comments on “The Brazilian Missile Crisis: The War on Peace and Quiet

  1. “And where there aren’t fireworks there will always be a man in his car blasting Axé at 2am.”

    I LOL’d so much at this. Great blog by the way, it’s quite interesting to “see” my home city from the eyes of a foreigner. Usually it makes me realize things that had never dawned on me before…

  2. sooo true. i hate those fireworks and how loud brazilians can be…i am brazilian and its a cultural “problem”….they just love to impose their loudness to other people and they complain if you dont like it…. it is because you cant live with other people hapiness…….hahaha brazilians are so selfish………..oh i just want to be in iceland or something in july 2014 for the worlcup. far far away from the parties and axe and fireworks and the bloody games. cheers!

    • Apparently someone has told me that there is a campaign by pet owners to try and get people to be a bit more considerate with fireworks. I think they may have a tough job with that one…

  3. As a friend of mine said, the government controls the sales of amoxicillin (antibiotic) in pharmacies, but allows citizens (often crazy) to store fireworks at home, something like an arsenal

    • Putting it that way the one positive thing in that sense is that there are at least tighter gun controls in Brazil than the US (although if you really want one you can get it quite easy I imagine given the gun crime statistics here).

  4. LOL! Great assessment!

    I’ve commented more than once about this to friends and family (usually while trying to have a conversation through the BOOM!s). Add to your list: won the lottery–Boom!; returning home from a trip–Boom!, you’re supporting the local candidate–Boom! My favorite display was on Dia da Santa Aparecida when the whole town coordinated setting off their fireworks at the same time of 12noon (actually a few excited individuals started at 11:45 and everyone else immediately joined in).

    In general I don’t mind since it’s all in the name of good fun (and I’ll take an arsenal of fireworks to an arsenal of wartoys for sure!) but it got a bit old during politics season. We were all thankful when the city fined the political parties for noise violations until they stopped. If it was overwhelming here, I can’t imagine what it would be like a city the size of Sao Paolo!

    • Haha, I love the bit about a few letting them off at 11.45, there always has to be someone who wants to make show of themselves before everyone else!

  5. Great post!
    I completely agree with you! Brazilians hate silence.
    I spent the last year studying in Boston, US, and I went there with a group of friends from my university. Surprisingly we were tagged as Brazilians everywhere, and one day we realized why: we were very loud and noisy people!
    And now I’m back here and everybody’s complaining that I’m not speaking, I’m whispering haha

    As I’m used to fireworks and explosions all the time, my only protest is that this game was in Japan. The time zone difference totally ruined my sleep lol

    It is fascinating to read these impressions about our city and our culture from a foreigner!
    And keep alert: now Palmeiras is playing on Saturdays, not Wednesdays anymore. Fireworks are expected in both days!

    • Hey Deco, thanks for your kind comments. I don’t think there’s anything necessarily that wrong with how loud Brazilians are…maybe just after midnight and before I wake up!

  6. You can get a gun easily and legally in Brazil – I asked in a gun shop. You just need to take a course in weapons use, show the certificate and you can buy one… no problem.

    • Which is still more difficult than the US though right? Out of interest what type of gun are you able to buy in a store here? Surely not the assault rifles like in the US?

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