6 comments on “The Big Time

  1. Congrats! It must be very rewarding to see your blog picked up by the media.

  2. My compliments! This is something you deserved. Your articles are great.
    Regina Wielenska

  3. Cheers for the mention on the newspaper, men! As for Hull, this is an ugly city! I have been there on business, and it sucks. England as a whole is full of well-organized and well-functioning, but also industrial, lifeless and black-and-white cities, without any color or life. And i think that this reflect on the behaviour of english people, who tends to be humorless, grumpy, full of prejudices and misconceptions about the world outside the island (i don’t know about the other countries on the United Kingdom, i heard that the scots are more friendly). I hope i’ll never have the misfortune of returning to England, but as i work for a company with subsidiares there, ii think that i’ll have to pass trough all that suffering again. As for the rest, this is a good blog, and i expect to here more from your adventures in São Paulo, my home city!

    • Humourless? Perhaps you just didn’t get it.

      I’m glad you’ve treated my home country with as much respect as I have yours (ps. that’s called sarcasm).

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