9 comments on “Samba school throws street party to celebrate anniversary of our arrival in São Paulo.

  1. You should participate in one of the blocos. I’m not sure if Sao Paulo has them, but Rio and Belo Horizonte definitely does. It is a unique experience. Grab a few beers and let yourself go

    • Hey Romulo, I went to Rio Carnaval in 2008 and caught some blocos there. One’s theme was shit, so everyone involved in the bloco had t-shirts with pictures of poo on them. Some were even wearing plastic turds on their heads. Very odd.

      We do have them here in SP and I’m definitely gonna try and catch some. Would be a shame not to!

  2. That’s why our yellow t-shirt has 5 STARS, and your white has ONE, wich was conquered with the greatest robbery the world has ever seen.

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