18 comments on “Brazilian Beer(s) of the Week: The Boteco Brat Pack

  1. Good call – Original and Bohemia are the best of the bad bunch that are usually available. I’ve never seen Serramalte, but will now keep an eye out for it. Also, totally agree about the Original label – I love it!

    • Serramalte isn’t so common in Rio I don’t think. You get it mainly in the South (where it’s originally from) and here in SP, but only in botecos. As far as I’m aware it’s not sold in supermarkets here – well, not any I’ve been to anyway!

  2. I more or less agree with what you said. I always try to drink Original or Bohemia when I’m in Brazil but to be honest I can’t remember the last time I had Serramalte (if I had it at all). I also like Xingu but that’s a different beer for another day, I’m sure. BTW, I thought that AmBev was actually the resulting company of the Antarctica and Brahma merger.

      • My understanding is that AmBev also merged with InterBrew to create InBev who then went on to take over Anheuser-Busch. Not that it matters but I think it’s nice to see a Brazilian company (at least originally) with such a footprint on the global market. You don’t see that very often.

      • Yeah there were a whole load of mergers / takeovers – the kind of info that goes straight over my head. Nevertheless, it’s good to see Brazil leading the way – even if the beer is a bit pants!

    • Hey Michel, I visited Belo Horizonte and Minas (Ouro Preto, São Joao de Rei, Tiradentes, Inhotim) last July. I really like Minas, however I didn’t realise the state was also a big brewer of beer (well, I do now!). Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out!

  3. My favorite Brazilian beer is Caracu (http://cerveja.inf.br/cerveja-caracu/). Amazingly dark for a Brazilian beer, I can almost pretend that it´s a Guiness (I´m sure Tom would beg to differ). Not having been in many botecos–since the ones in our tiny town are pretty sketch–I can´t say whether or not you´d find it there but I see it in many distribudoras and supermarkets here in Minas.

  4. awesome review!
    lately i’ve been drinking in this order —> serra malte, original, skol.
    i recomend you to try cerpa, but the regular one!
    cheers mate!

      • Cerpa is from Pará (name comes from Cervejaria Pará or something like that). It’s very common in Belém and Santarém, sometimes you’ll find it in São Paulo and Rio, but not very often. It’s a nice pilsner. I had one in Recife called Nobel that I haven’t seen anywhere else, it was another decent pilsner.

        cheers for your beer guide. I live in Porto Alegre, we’ve had many good microbrews pop up lately, Seasons being perhaps the best of the bunch. Of the more widely available quaffs, I recommend Bierland, you should find it in some places in São Paulo. Their Imperial Stout is quite excellent, for someone who misses that sort of beer.

      • Hey Paulo, I’ve seen Cerpa here in SP in some supermarkets but not tried it but I guess I will have to now that you’ve recommended it 🙂

        A lot of good beer seems to come from the south and I guess a big part of that is the European heritage in that part of the country. I visited Blumenau and Porto Alegre earlier this year and loved trying all the beers there.

        I had a Pale Ale by Bierland last week and really liked it. It wasn’t too pricey either, I’ll keep an eye out for the stout (although if I’m honest I’m not a huge stout fan).

        Anyway, cheers for reading and taking the time to comment !

  5. Ach, Bohemia tastes like a sweet loaf blended in a liquidiser with ice…

    I particularly enjoy Serramalte… Original definitely doesn’t have any taste, but on hotter days it can be refreshing…

    As in many other aspects of our lives, ignorance is bliss… in my university days I used to drink mostly Itaipava (which back then, aronud 2003, cost R$ 2 a bottle!)… Now I’m reluctant to sit at a boteco that doesn’t serve Serramalte…

    What about cachaça? Do you like it?

  6. Finest beer in Brazil. Usually Brazilians like to drink to much and the first 3 or 4 bottles you start with Original, after that you don’t feel anymore the taste deeply how it should be, so the next bottles you ask for Skol and Brahma, because is cheaper. Keep in mind that the first taste is what really matter, the rest is just for fun.

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