4 comments on “UK visa controls for Brazilians: just more hot air from the UK government?

  1. Yeah ridiculous. But its just the latest stupidity in the UK Government’s crazy plan to reduce immigration. The fact that Theresa May quotes the high rates of over-staying is an admission that the problem is not the current system, it’s the enforcement of it (which fits with what I saw when still in London). Nobody spends money like Brazilian tourists! They should welcome them with open arms.

    • Having worked within the immigration system for nearly 10 years I can confirm that it is an absolute mess. I very much doubt, given the reaction to the announcement, that we’ll hear much more about this policy. Seems a very strange moment to be picking specifically on Brazilians!

  2. Brazilians spend money in UK? How funny…..every singly Brazilian i met in london was a prostitute, gay and straight. They are all over the place…Brazilians enter UK on the visa free arrangement and stay 3-6 months prostituting earning cash and not paying a penny in taxes as well as abusing and misusing the entire British social benefits system as much as they can. Oh and they also steal shamelessly….those who have dealt with Brazilians will know what I am talking about, there should be definitely very strict controls on Brazilians entering UK.

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