14 comments on “Baden Baden, Campos do Jordão (SP)

  1. I am a long time lurker and am really enjoying your Brazilian beer tasting adventures 🙂 Although I suspect you’ll run out of nice beers to try pretty soon lol, there are not that many microbreweries in Brazil!

    Campos do Jordão is indeed a very nice place, specially NOT around winter when the place is absolutely packed with tourist. Stay away from it in July!

    I’m not particularly crazy about Baden Baden beers, but I hope you enjoy them. For next time, may I suggest the Wäls beers? http://www.wals.com.br/
    They are really special, but not so easy to find. You’ll need to hunt them down. Actually, apart from Eisenbahn, Colorado and Baden Baden, all other micro beers are much harder to find. You’ll need to find the specialized beer selling places and go deep into beer nerd territory. Have fun!

    • Hey Andreas, long-term lurkers are more than welcome!

      I’ve heard CDJ can be a bit hectic during July and also expensive, so I think March was probably a good time to go.

      I’ve only tried the Cristal, Golden and Bock so far. Wasn’t a huge fan of the Cristal but the Golden’s cinnamon flavour was interesting. Not sure I’ve had cinnamon in a beer before!

      I’ve not heard of Wals though so I’ll definitely be giving that a try…if I can find it!

    • I found Wals in our supermarket yesterday. It was R$14 but I bought a bottle of the ale anyway. Will let you know what it’s like!

  2. I am going to Europe next week: I will see if there is some stuff that I can bring back with me, which is not too heavy in order to start the little production:-)

  3. Nice!!! They even have a kit to make Guinness! Are you actually going to use the water of Sao Paulo?

  4. Hallo liebe Leute, kann mir jemand mitteilen, welche Möglichkeiten es gibt das Baden-Baden Bier in Deutschland zu kaufen oder nach Deutschland zu importieren?

  5. I brought 4 different Baden beers back to the states. The golden was awesome. I’m going to check around but do you know of a way to order it?

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