17 comments on “Here Comes That Weird Chill

  1. Remember when we’re watching Skyfall? I got really upset because every time they showed London it was raining! Glad the statistics show that it rains much more in SP haha
    But as I said before, São Paulo is a if-you-take-a-jumper-it-will-be-too-warm-if-you-don’t-it-will-be-freezing kinda place… =)

  2. I’m in Saquarema nr. Rio and I know of this chill you speak of, know it well, I’m currently in a fleece and warm jogging bottoms and I have socks on! Hubby being more like you is in a t’shirt but he’s ditched the shorts. Tropical hot country my bottom, I feel a holiday to the northeast is fast approaching.
    I laughed at your line
    ”this is largely bollocks because it’s rare for us to ever witness more than three days of sunshine in one summer.” so true and bollocks is a very special word, of course I could have done without snorting tea out of my nose over the laptop laughing at it, but at least it ain’t raining.
    The ad that reminded me of your blog has changed, it has stopped since I commented on here about it, there is a God. Of course now I watching it for it and singing the damn thing myself, it’s sent me nuts. Great post as usual. Have a good trip.

    • Bollocks is such a quintessential British word. My wife studies English / Portuguese Literature and Language in SP, and she introduced her class to the hand signal / word of ‘wanker’ in one of her classes on expressions. They liked that one.

      Those god damn ads. That guy with the curly hair must be one of the most annoying gits in the country!

      • Love your sense of humour lol, yeah let’s teach Brazilians real English, dickhead, numpy, pillock, plonker … damn, you’ll have to think of the rest. You should have videoed the class and stuck it on youtube, classic.

  3. Still here, men? By the way: London SUCKS. Went to Europe next year, and London is a overpriced, cold, grey shithole. Is well organized, but so was Nazi-German.

  4. Trafalgar Square? Blergh. Big Ben? zzzzzzzzzzz. London Eye? Seriously, the best tourist atraction is a god-damned Roda Gigante? What a joke. The Thames should be called Vomit River (and by the way, you got some nerv to trash-talk Tietê. A frenchmen can , as the Sena is beautiful, but you can’t). And you brits are the worst kind of people. Smug, arrogant, full of shit. And all the brazilain hate is laughable. Jean Charles should never leave Minas Gerais, poor guy.

  5. The museums of natural history are good, tough. Steal all that from the Egyptians, Persians and Iraqs was worth it, right? God bless the BriTHIEVEsh Empire!

  6. I know what you mean about commentators and British weather. I was watching a Premiership game on ESPN (Brazil) and the Brazilian commentator said that he had taken a few days off to visit Edinburgh. When he was there he saw a Scotland world cup qualifier, and he said he was totally amazed at the support from the fans who had turned out in bitterly cold winter weather even though the team had no chance of qualifying.

    I lived in Gibraltar for a bit and one day there was a tiny dusting of frost. The social networks went into meltdown as people hailed the first snow ever 🙂

    • Haha yes. I read a story yesterday about how a Brazilian in the north travelled all the way south to try and catch a glimpse of a bit of snow. I also remember my wife when she saw her first snowfall in London – she was just like I was when I was a child!

      • My wife still hasn’t seen snow. When she flew to Scotland in 2011 she landed the day after it melted, and last year we left just a day or two before it fell!

  7. Andy, you wrote elsewhere that apart from May, São Paulo is warm year-round. Are you sure about May? I’ve always thought of May as an oddly warm month between milder April and June. There is even an expression for that, ‘veranico de maio’ (May’s ‘little summer’)…

    Anyways, I’m very sensitive to the extremes. Anything higher than 25 or lower than 15 is unpleasant. In that respect, I find São Paulo’s clmate rather agreeable. Apart from the unbearably hot and humid summer months (still bearable in comparison with anywhere on the coast), during 8 or 9 months a year weather is pretty much comfortable: never too hot, never too cold…

    Do you think thermal comfort can be genetically determined? I’ve met so many English and German people who only put their coats on when it was literally freezing… Or can one really ‘get used’ to different climate patterns? (As for me, I believe I would never ever get used to Rio’s climate, for instance… maybe you’ve heard that Rio only experiences two season: ‘verão’ and ‘inferno’ with an ‘f’.)

    On the other hand I remember this German exchange student back at uni who said he had never felt so uncomfortable in the cold as here in Brazil, because there’s no heating anywhere, and most buildings are designed for hot weather only. He would theorize about how Brazilian architecture suffered from a kind of ‘tropical syndrome’, meaning that even our best architecture (notably international-style architecture such as Niemeyer’s and Artigas’), with all its concrete spaciousness, favours thermal comfort one-handedly. Also, have you noticed how all botecos and most shops are completely open to the street? This kind of establishment often does not have a ‘door’ on a wall; the entire wall usually consists of a steel rolling door. That’s great because it creates a fusion between private and public spaces, concepts so problematic in Brazil. But in rainy or chilly days it’s hell staying at a boteco.

    By the way have you noticed how this summer has been very strangely dry?

    • Haha, take quite a lot of what I write with a pinch of salt. I think it was because May was quite cold this year compared to last year, but really for me it’s not THAT bad.

      I think you can get used to the weather, although it’s probably genetic as well. My wife is from SP and she lived in London for three years, and got used to the cold pretty quickly. Now she appreciates the fact that you can actually notice the seasons change there, as opposed to just learning about them through pictures at school here!

      It’s a good point about the architecture, it’s definitely only designed for the summer. When I teach English to Brazilians who are moving to the UK they worry that the weather is going to be terrible, but I remind them that it’s only cold outdoors because everywhere else has central heating. The worst aspect of Brazilian ‘winter’ is that it’s often colder indoors than out! I’ve sat indoors in bed with all my clothes on before – that’s something I’ve never needed to do in the UK!

      Yeah, what has happened to all the crazy rain showers??

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