14 comments on “The Maracanã – Field of Dreams

  1. Andy,
    Please, see caption below the second picture you wrote “The Maracanã in January 2014″… I think you want say “the Maracanã in January 2013”, don’t you ? I searched for photos in this month and they’re exactly as yours…
    Anyway, nice post.

  2. At some moments during the match some foreign people were making more noise than Brazilians at Maracanã! That’s completely unacceptable. Paulistas (I think) have a perfect word to describe the unpassionate and rich Brazilians that went to Maracanã last Sunday: coxinhas.

    • There was a strange clash of football supportor / singing culture. Usually in England fans of opposing fans exchange songs in a spontaneous way so I think the England fans were a little surprised that the Brazilians just booed them when they were singing!

  3. “England playing Brazil in the final in front of all this and Rooney scoring a late winner.” Haha. I wouldn’t, if just because of the absolute RIOT that would break out among the Brazilians. Good losers, they are NOT (as you mention). We often wonder what will happen in the World Cup if Brazil doesn’t go all the way to the end. Will the fans just pack up and go home? Thank goodness this one was a tie!

    • I know what you mean but sometimes I wonder about what if England had that ruthless “We must win” mentality. Perhaps we might have won than one World Cup!

  4. Hi Andy, great post the Maracana is on my to do list. While still in Brazil I’d also recommend flying down to BA and going to a Boca Juniors game in La Bombonera. The Argentineans are crazy about footie and the atmosphere will be electric.

    Have you been to see a Corinthians game?

    • I’ve been to BA five times and done the Bombonera tour twice but have always been there out of the football season so have never seen game – annoyingly!

      Yeah, I’ve been to a few Curintia games, including the classico against Palmeiras last year.

      Are you living in Brazil or just visiting?

      • Hi Andy, no i live in Madrid (Spain) but my wife is a porteña so I’ve been lucky with being able to see Boca Juniors even though my wife’s family all support San Lorenzo. As a footie fan the Maracana is a must do as well as Brazil 2014.

        I recommend two good footie books ‘Futebol’ by Alex Bellos and ‘Morbo’ by Phil Ball they both talk about Brazil and Spain via the vehicle of football but bring in culture, sociology and history.

        If you ever fancy seeing a Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid game let me know it would be good to compare it to Botafago! (My email info@quickbusinessenglish.com)

        Great blog your insights on living in Brazil and with someone from another culture are really interesting and I agree its important not to compare between countries and appreciate each unique experience you have. I got a bit down on Spain before, now i prefer to focus on the good and positive.


      • Cheers Chris, much appreciated!

        The Bellos book is one if my favs. I was fortunate enough to see him and Socrates do a talk in London a few years ago. Was marvellous.

        Thanks for the offer, Madrid is still in my list of Europe cities to do. Likewise, let me know if you ever over here!

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