11 comments on “Brazilian Beer of the Week: Baden Baden 1999

    • Found it here in BH and enjoyed it. A bit fizzy I thought and certainly ‘premium’ – maybe a little too premium for me. But I liked it a lot! thanks for the recommendation!

    • Their prices vary from between R$10-12 depending on which one you buy. The Golden (Ale with Cinnamon) and Red Ale (a lethal 9.2%) are also well worth checking out too.

  1. On Saturday, I went to the 2013 “Frei Tuck Biergarten” beer festival in Jardim Canada (Nova Lima, just outside of Belo Horizonte) – the centre of a large and growing brewing industry. There was a great selection of beers to try, including a couple of other British style bitters. I would recommend you look out for the “God save the Queen” bitter from the Küd brewery http://www.cervejariakud.com.br/#!beers/cqnr. I’m not sure its available outside of Belo Horizonte yet though?

    • Added to the list! Will see if I can find, or if you’re ever down this way make sure you bring a delivery.

      Tomorrow is an old favourite: Colorado Indica.

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