4 comments on “The ruins of Carandiru

  1. Men, Carandiru was rough! And back in the eighties/nineties (or, as your brits call it, naughties), the riots that constantly happened on the Prison always caused huge traffic problems on the Marginal Tietê in the rush hour. That’s the only time São Paulo’s middle class would give any attention to the prisioniers problems and conditions. For the rest of the time, they could not care less, and Coronel Ubiratan, the butcher who commanded the Massacre, is to this day a hero among the gigantic right-wing base of the city. Human rights, what a funny expression. Drauzio Varella’s book is amazing, but the movie by Hector Babenco is awful.

    • As I said it’s a shame only violence against the middle class & beyond seems to matter. Violence against poor people doesn’t count I guess.

      I really enjoyed the book and apparently he has released a new one right?

      I thought the film was ok, but definitely a case of the book being better than film in this instance.

  2. You can also read a few books from the former prisoners point of view. Sounds a bit different from Drauzio’s though.

    I really enjoy coming here to read your posts, I’m a Brazilian living in US and my husband (American) loves Brasil as well.. Congrats and keep the good work,man!

    • Apparently Drauzio has released a new one, from the perspective of the warden I think. I think there will be a third as well.

      Thanks for reading though. Very much appreciated!

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