6 comments on “Pichação: The revolution will be tagged

  1. Nice post.
    Comments: actually I’ve never payed attention about these “shapes” differences between those in London and in São Paulo… Interesting… Thks for telling us.

  2. I love the The Find article (not to mention the website–“promoting the diffusion of hip hop with jazz, funk, soul, and related genres”?–yum. I’ll be browsing here regularly, thank you!).

    I also happened to be lucky enough to find Wagner Braccini who was doing a graffiti installation at the CEMIG Centro de Arte Popular. He took some time out to talk shop with me and said that back in the day even aerosol was prohibitively expensive, so everyone worked with rollers and paints and shoe polish instead. Which lends itself to pichação, of course. Murals were done with house paint. He’s a great storyteller; he told me how he mixed paints to match aerosol colors and when he got his first paycheck he ran out and bought, of course, a whole stack of spraycans! LOL.

    • The use of rollers is still quite common here especially when they make the tags really large on the side of buildings. It has a really cool stylistic effect although to be honest it didn’t twig this was how it was done until I saw the documentary.

      I can’t seem to help walking down the street now without looking out for pichação – I’m even starting to recognise the trademark tags of different picahdores! I still think I’m in a minority when it comes to appreciating it unfortunately. Like they said in the documentary though, it’s probably only a matter of time before some middle-aged art collector hangs some of it in their front room and it becomes trendy!

  3. I love the street art in São Paulo. There is one piece on Avenida 23 de Maio, close to the center, that I keep wanting to photograph…unfortunately it is in a precariously dangerous spot! Great post. Thanks!

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