20 comments on “So long, and thanks for all the coxinhas

  1. I arrived in Sao Paulo at the same time as you and I left it approximately at the same time. During this period, your blog -wittily written- was a pleasure to read and cathartic for us also. I wish you good luck in your new adventures and many Cusqueña. Cheers

  2. Andy, if you quit your blog, you’re dead! hahaha… But wait: now you’re about to start mastering Portuguese, you’ll move out? Why? Is your goal to master Spanish now? lol
    Anyways, at least you’re not moving to Argentina hahahaha… (Brazilian joke. I bet you get it). OK, just a joke, Argentinians who read this. I love you all and Buenos Aires 😀
    Luck, Andy!

  3. Please, promise your readers that you will never
    dare quitting what you do wonderfully with this blog!!

  4. Hey Andy, I’ve been a reader of your blog since finding out about it over on /r/Brazil. At times it seemed uncanny how many things we had in common which made it all the more interesting to read. Married to a Brazilian woman? Check. University of Hull graduate? Check, 1997-2000. Trip to Ouro Preto? Check again, we went just after Michael Palin’s BBC travel documentary on Brazil. My trips to Brazil have mainly been to Lavras as my wife’s family is from there, but I’ve also been to Belo Horizonte a couple of times, Porto Seguro and Rio .

    Where we differ is you made a go of it in Brazil, I’m still tied to the UK too much. But it has been very interesting reading someone else’s experiences of going through the experience of leaving the UK behind and setting up in Brazil.

    Boa sorte para Peru.

    • Thanks Martyn, the similarities are uncanny. I actually know another guy from Hull in SP as well.

      Reckon you’ll ever make the move one day?

  5. Good luck in Peru send my regards to Nolberto Solano (Newcastle legend).

    Andy you’ve a dry wit and keen eye for what Sampa can offer. You even got me back into micro-breweries.

    Cheers and enjoy the World Cup!

  6. Congratulations Mister!

    I’m born in São Paulo and here is my home. I love the craziness of this city and you described all this with perfection. Maybe isn’t a tourist city – I agree – but is incredible live here. Good luck in your journey!

    • Thanks André, it’s been a real experience to live here in Sampa. It has changed me (for the better) in so many ways. Hopefully one day I’ll live here again 🙂

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