11 comments on “On the Buses

  1. Taking the time element out of the equation, I find bus travel to be preferable to air travel. When I’m in an airplane it feels like I’m completely removed from time and space and not a part of the rest of the world.

    On a bus I get to stare out at the green landscapes that pass by and reflect on what has happened since the last time I was on a bus staring out at the scenery. Its a therapeutic experience, especially if I’m heading towards a new destination.

    • *Adds to ever-lengthening reading list*. Peru is a great country, although saying that the whole continent is pretty spectacular. Bolivia probably has to be the most underrated though.

      • Thanks Andy for the Bolivia tip!

        Any chance you could recommend me/your blog readers a book or two about Latin America from your reading list?

      • Futebol: The Brazilian Way of Life by Alex Bellos is a great book about football but Brazilian society as a whole.

        As for South America, a good but quite dense book is Open Veins of Latin America. It’s what everyone seems to be reading here in the NGO I work for.

      • Great recommendations! But i´ve read them both, Alex Bellos was a real insight into Brazilian life. Plus I´ve even been to the Eduardo Galleano´s favourite cafe in Montevideo where he wrote / writes (supposedly).

        Any more?

      • Liberators by Robert Harvey is a good although quite dense history book about South American independence.

        The Brazilians by Joseph Page, is a nice book on Brazil.

        God Is A Brazilian is a nice book about Charles Miller although a little generous with the truth.

        I also have ‘What If Latin America Ruled The World?’ waiting to be read.

        Hmm, that’s it in terms of non-fiction I think.

  2. I really enjoy traveling in a bus or taking bus tours. You can sit, relax and take in the scenery without feeling rushed. It is an ideal way to really get to appreciate and soak up your surroundings.

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