6 comments on “Halcyon Days

  1. Absolutely delicious! I liked it so much I tweeted it and even put it on G+. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Peruvians are great! Humble, kind and fun loving. I was upset when the brazilian media put it all of the country in the same category after the Tinga incident, something that ignores the racism and discrimination that the peruvians always suffer in places like Argentina and Chile.

  3. You watched the coldest Peruvian team in action, Universidad Cesar Vallejo, they have enough money to win Peruvian championship but they never do, that´s because their players are cold as the Artic, the chairman of this team always makes good transfers but this team in decisive matches always loses, it doesn´t matter the manager or the players, when they have the chance to win something, they draw or lose the match. No solution.

    • By cold you mean unlucky? Because in Brazil when they say ‘Pé frio’ (cold feet) they mean someone who causes bad luck. In English I guess ‘cold’ means more someone or somebody who is distant or lacking emotion.

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