15 comments on “Love exists in SP

  1. Wonderful! And I love the picture of the street art – wish I could learn about the lives of the artists. That must be a subculture of fascinating people.

    • Thanks!. One of my plans is to meet some street artists and do exactly that. It’s all part of a much bigger (and ambitious) plan 🙂

  2. You’re on the right track with SP, in terms of getting to know the city from the streets. I lived there as an expat for 10 years and never owned a car, just walked and biked everywhere, which my Paulistano friends always found impossible to imagine. It can be a tough place to love. At least half the time I hated it. But there are some really wonderful parts as well. Hope you get to experience them.

  3. Great post. And I totally agree that it takes more than just a glance and a few days sipping caipirinha (I found it was much better in SP than in Rio, strangely enough) to appreciate what a monster, in a good sense of the word, Sao Paulo really is. I spent 4 months there and when I returned to the UK, I really missed it. You can read about “That Paulistan feeling” in my post, if you want: http://thebraziliandream.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/that-paulistan-feeling.html

    • You’re absolutely right about SP not being ‘tangible’. I wrote some travel itineraries about SP for a travel site and you really have to be creative because, as you say, unlike London there is no Big Ben, etc. Have you been back to SP since?

  4. I’m making a move to SP next year and I’ve received so many warnings against it – this piece solidified my resolve! Thanks for that 🙂

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